A month of eating carnivore.

Ribeye, Tri Tip, and Skirt steak.

I have been wanting to try the carnivore diet out and on the first of October I finally decided to give it a try. I heard about the carnivore diet when Joe Rogan had Dr. Shawn Baker on the podcast a few years back. I had done keto on and off and really enjoyed the benefits, more energy, never feeling hungry… But I felt that my strength training suffered from it. So I consumed carbs with the excuse that I needed them to perform better in the gym.

Once the gyms closed and I didn’t have access to a barbell I continued to eat heavy carbs and continued to pack on the pounds. When ever I felt as though I had gained too much weight I would jump into the keto diet for a couple of months at a time, this time I decided to try out the carnivore diet. In starting the carnivore diet I didn’t have any goals, I just wanted to see how my body would run on just meat for a month.

This is what I ate for the entire month of october:


  • 4 Eggs cooked with butter ~ 24 g protein 15 g fat
  • 4 Slices of thick cut bacon ~ 12 g protien 13.2 g fat


  • .5 – 1 lb of Tritip ~ 62 g protein 26 g of fat


  • 1 lb ribeye ~ 81 g protein 49 g fat

*Approximate not exact grams of protein and fat.

Every day I would consume just over 1700 calories from 179 grams of protein and 103 grams of fat. I would only use salt to season my food. I read that you should eat until you are satiated and eating this way I didn’t feel hungry, so I felt as though I was getting enough. Later on in the month I was feeling like my fat intake was very low and wanted to get more fat into my diet. I tried to find beef suet but that was near impossible, I couldn’t find a reasonable spot to pick some up. I did find grass fed beef tallow at whole foods recently and will try and integrate it into my diet.

Epic Rendered grass-fed Beef Tallow.

I found some good info on ratios and diet from Paul Saladino’s blog that you should consume about .8 grams of protein per lb of lean body weight and about 1.5-2 grams of fat per gram of protein if you are active and interested in athletic performance. I still need to work on getting the diet optimal and I think I am going to continue to eat this way going into November, just need to increase my fat intake.

Early on in the diet I didn’t really have any issues. No extended keto flu like symptoms, just a few days with some brain fog but for the most part I felt very clear headed. I think increasing my fat intake would help with this. Energy levels were very consistent throughout the day, morning until night no spikes or drops in energy. I did feel as thought I was over salting some of my food which was causing me to wake up dry and a bit groggy, I lowered my salt intake which fixed that. I did have diarrhea after the first week on the diet, it went away and made several appearances throughout the month. But I think this is a normal occurrence on this diet when you are starting out. Towards the end of the month I tried some sparkling water which upset my stomach, I used to drink a lot of sparkling water before the diet and was fine but for some reason it messed with my stomach while on this diet. Towards the middle of the month any cravings I had for ice cream or other junk food disappeared, I have no desire to eat the junk food that I used to eat so much of.

I don’t think I will continue to eat this way forever, I might try to throw in some other food once in a while but I think for the month of November I am going to try and tweak the diet so that I am getting more fat and see how I feel.

This has been my experience so far and is not intended as guidelines for anyone else. I just wanted to share my experience on this diet and will continue to share my experiences as I continue eating carnivore into the month of November.

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